The Miracle Electric Grain and Flour Mill ME300 is easy to operate, cheap, and can handle any grain you may put into the hopper. Unlike many of the other cheaper electric grain mills available, this mill isn’t damaged by harder grains. It might not process grain as quickly as some of the more-expensive mills, but in return it doesn’t make much noise, doesn’t throw flour all over the place while grinding, and is easy to disassemble and clean.

The Miracle Electric Grain and Flour Mill ME300

The #5 Pick on Our Top 5 Best Grain Mill List

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The mill also has 16 different texture settings. This may seem like overkill, but it does provide more options than your average electric mill. At the lowest setting it produces the tinsy-wincy specks of flour, while at the highest many grains fall through completely uncut.

Miracle Electric Grain and Flour Mill ME300 Features

  • Makes 1 cup of flour every minute
  • 16 different texture settings
  • Can handle harder grains
  • Makes little noise
  • Three years warranty

Great for Hard Grains

As mentioned above, the ME300 has little problem with hard grains. In fact, it can even deal with the moist and oily grains that trip up so many other low-end electric grain mills, although there is a trick to stop it from getting jammed up. If the grain you are using is especially oily, you can avoid jamming by slowly adding a little at a time at a time.

Good Build Quality

If the mill ever does get jammed, you don’t have to worry about the mill being damaged. You can clean it all out in no time at all, and then you can resume grinding as if nothing happened.

If you chose to, there is nothing stopping you from grinding non-stop for hours. Should this mill become too hot, it automatically protects itself and automatically switches off. And again, after you’ve left it for a few minutes to cool down, you can press the reset button and get grinding once more.

Easy to Clean

Good design means that the this mill’s motor is never exposed to any flour. This makes cleanup easy, as you can disassemble all the electrical components from the mill itself, leading to a total cleanup time of just a few minutes.

Relatively Little Noise

Most other electric grain mills in this price range are extremely noisy, but not so with this mill. Any mill that produces less noise than a vacuum cleaner is doing its job well, and that is exactly what ME300 does.

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