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Graze and Gather Catering and Event Planning

With our extreme focus on customer satisfaction and providing an unforgettable experience we truly emphasize the word cater when it comes to our catering and event planning services.


Infinity Memories

We have made it easy for you to provide your guests with a keepsake that they can take with them to always remember your momentous event with our unique Magic Mirror photobooth. This is not your typical photobooth

Kitchenfinity Eatery and Victory Beer and Wine Garden

Kitchenfinity is focused on delivering
great food, beverages, and entertainment along with stellar customer service. We focus on
providing our customers with unique food staples


Rise Specialty Coffee and Luxury Teas

Locally roasted Coffee by award-winning roasters from specialty graded coffee beans sourced around the world to develop the most robust and flavorful single origin and blended coffees.

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